About Us

Established in 1999, Shing Hann Co., Ltd. adheres to innovation and service for the manufacture of welding and special-purpose machines. In the field of welding and special-purpose machines, in the field of welding and special-purpose machines, in cooperation with products and customers, we design suitable equipment, operations and manufacturing processes, and many innovations In the future, the company should cooperate with the future production to create better equipment. , so that the production of customers can be more automated, the products can be more refined, and Xing Welding Co., Ltd. can be more in a leading position in the industry.

Professional service production

  1. Design/manufacture of special machine for welding/cutting automation
  2. Frequency conversion AC/DC argon welding machine
  3. Nail planting machine
  4. MIG/CO2/MAG semi-automatic welding machine
  5. Inverter plasma welding machine
  6. Frequency conversion ion cutting
  7. All kinds of welding and cutting consumables parts
  8. Equipment maintenance service